Together, the eight colleges of M-CAM, plus countless partners throughout Michigan, will help build a highly-qualified, highly-skilled workforce for advanced manufacturing jobs in Michigan. By the end of the grant, the colleges will have supported thousands of job seekers.


For M-CAM, the use of data helps us all better understand how this federal investment is positively impacting students, employers, communities and the entire state of Michigan.

While the use of traditional data won’t fully convey the impact of M-CAM, it does provide a basic understanding of the work that is occurring all around Michigan and how M-CAM is helping transform lives, one at a time. The information below helps tell that story.

Student Success

Beyond the numbers captured above, M-CAM is helping students all over Michigan develop the skills they need to launch long-term careers in Michigan’s manufacturing sector. Today, manufacturing in Michigan is much more than just cars and trucks, and these students are living proof.

For instance at Bay de Noc College, Nicholas Nestle has been learning to become a welder…

"Thanks to the TAACCCT grant, I had all the support and help I needed and now am ready to go forward with a great resume and career help to get the job I want!”Nicholas Nestle, Bay College Welding student
"Through TAACCCT grant funding, Bay College Welding has been able to not only increase the number of students enrolled annually but also improve the expertise of each graduating student. Updated equipment, improved student support, and the increased capacity of the welding program through the support of TAACCCT allowed for a fundamental transformation and modernization of the welding program at Bay College. This transformation keeps Bay College welding grads current with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise required in today’s welding workforce."Dave Konkel, Bay College Welding Instructor

Meanwhile, at Kellogg Community College, Tyesha Anderson has completed her training…

"The KCC Training has helped me in ways that I never imagined. It taught me to step outside of my comfort zone and be a professional in the workplace, learn about Lean Manufacturing, 5-S and OSHA Safety, but most importantly, it made me realize the leadership potential that led me to successfully gain employment."Tyesha Anderson, former Kellogg student

At Lansing Community College, Waleeda Guy updated welding skills for a new career opportunity…

"The refresher course was beneficial because it's been quite some time since I got to weld. Going into a big interview with a welding test attached to it was a bit daunting, but the refresher helped me be more comfortable with my skills as an entry level welder by reminding me of all the little things that I might have forgotten and that help for a better welding process."Waleeda Guy, Lansing student


Beyond serving students, M-CAM is helping Michigan’s community colleges become leading-edge institutions for advanced manufacturing training. With state of the art equipment and world-class faculty, each institution can help students become ready for careers that pay well and are long-term. To do that, M-CAM colleges have developed great tools and resources to better serve students, employers, and local communities alike.

At GRCC we have developed new programs in Mechatronics, Certified Production Technician and Manufacturing Readiness. New classes in robotic welding, welding and CNC. Employers are participating at every level, from the equipment we select, participating in classrooms, offering visits and shadowing experiences and interviewing our students on site.

Local employers can rely on Lake Michigan College to…

" the community resource for manufacturing education and skills training."Matt Tyler, President/CEO, Vickers Engineering, Inc.

Faculty from Macomb Community College have…

"M-CAM training with employer input and commitment. This means those completing M-CAM training programs are prepared with the skills employers need and are looking for."Holger Ekanger, Director of Workforce & Continuing Education/Engineering & Advanced Technology and M-CAM Lead
"M-CAM is an important initiative that goes well beyond leveraging a federal financial investment to train displaced workers for jobs in advanced manufacturing. M-CAM represents an unprecedented collaborative approach to accessible and achievable career pathways to support and grow an industry sector critical to Michigan’s economy."Macomb Community College President James Jacobs, PhD.

And at Schoolcraft College, the institution provides what employers need…

"Similar to most manufacturers in the area, we are in need of skilled workers for our company. We have reviewed the CNC Boot Camp curriculum and feel it would enhance the effectiveness of entry-level positions. We currently have the need to hire 15 full-time positions in production. If individuals training in CNC were referred to us by Schoolcraft College, we would honor our commitment to interview them for a position at our company. Futhermore, we intend to pursue training for our incumbent workers in this curriculum." Skyway Precision Inc., Plymouth, MI
"M-CAM has allowed us the opportunity to expand our Advanced Manufacturing program offerings in several ways. Schoolcraft College was able to make improvements to our manufacturing and welding labs and have incorporated industry recognized credentials into our credit course offerings in both of these areas. Using the industry credentials, we have aligned our newly developed non-credit boot camp style trainings, so that successful boot camp completers have employers waiting to interview them and have credits to fast track into the respective degree programs." Amy Jones, M-CAM Lead and Associate Dean of Occupational Programs at Schoolcraft College