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Advanced Manufacturing

Due to growth in manufacturing and automotive hiring in the last three years the demand for renewed and reinvigorated advanced manufacturing and automotive training and education has steadily increased. Macomb Community College is committed to addressing these demands by utilizing our skilled staff, maximizing our comprehensive engagement with local employers and expanding our recruitment to increase entrants into the advanced manufacturing fields. It is an exciting time for those graduating from high school, people looking for a career upgrade/change and displaced workers who need to retool themselves to be marketable as a job seeker. The advanced manufacturing employment today is more than just a job it is a sustainable career.

Student Success

Macomb has had outstanding employer participation in the M-CAM programs. The training staff has met with over 200 employers since October 2014. There are many ways that Macomb County employers can be involved. If you are looking for highly trained, highly motivated workers join other M-CAM employers by participating in:

Macomb’s M-CAM team is working on developing a stronger matching of students to employer inquiries from the MCL site. If there are openings that businesses need filled, we are happy to provide interviewing opportunities with students who qualify.

Macomb's Impact

Macomb Community College intake has a partnership with the Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team (MCREST). A case worker there refers residents to the Macomb M-CAM training program. Their board agreed to extend residency to accommodate training. One of the residents participated in the Control Robotic Technician training, and upon graduation in May, secured employment as a customer service technician with a starting wage of $21 per hour. MCREST is helping him secure housing.

Charles Hart, a UG student, gained employment with Fabronics through the interview day event at M-TEC. Once he learned the employer's way, he noticed that Fabronics could use someone like a classmate of his and told the employer about him. Fabronics hired him too.

Oct 2013 - Aug 2016

  • 758 people have participated in Macomb’s training opportunities
  • 477 have completed their program of study
  • 254 have continued to study in their program after the initial class was completed
  • 493 have earned credentials
  • 265 participants acquired employment after completion
  • Many participants have seen an increase in their wages after completion

In addition to the M-CAM training, Macomb offers free financial assistance to veterans working towards  manufacturing degree/certificate.


"One of the best things about the program is that it makes you familiar with the plant environment. When you do get there, you have the inside track and are completely comfortable." Johnny Jackson, a U.S. military veteran who lost his business in the recession and was living in a homeless shelter in Detroit when he learned about the free M-CAM training. He completed the Production Operator Certificate Program in eight weeks and is now working for GM.
working on a machine

"M-CAM training has been developed with employer input and commitment. This means those completing M-CAM training programs are prepared with the skills employers need and are looking for." Holger Ekanger, Director of Workforce & Continuing Education/Engineering & Advanced Technology and M-CAM Lead
working on a machine

"M-CAM is an important initiative that goes well beyond leveraging a federal financial investment to train displaced workers for jobs in advanced manufacturing. M-CAM represents an unprecedented collaborative approach to accessible and achievable career pathways to support and grow an industry sector critical to Michigan’s economy."James Jacobs, PhD, Macomb Community College President

Career Pathways