Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College (LCC) established in 1957 to fulfill growing demand for specialized and technical education opportunities for the Greater Lansing’s industrial workforce.

LCC is one of the most comprehensive colleges focused upon offering learning opportunities in four areas: career and workforce development, general education, developmental education, and personal enrichment. LCC is recognized as a local, state, national, and international leader in forging educational partnerships with business, industry, and government to better meet the needs of an ever changing, worldwide market place. LCC is strategically positioned to provide not only what students determined that they will need, but also what our society will need in the future.

Advanced Manufacturing

The Center for Manufacturing Excellence (CME) is a single point of entry and a common branding for all initiatives related to manufacturing at Lansing Community College.

The CME exists to create and sustain industry-supported, high-tech training and programming that significantly increases the number of highly skilled workers to fill the Region's high-demand jobs. It is critical that the Region create a vibrant and skilled workforce capable of meeting this demand; otherwise investment and employment will move elsewhere. To this end, Lansing Community College is leveraging existing programming combined with new initiatives as a comprehensive strategy to meet this need.


  • 281 people have participated in Lansing’s training opportunities
  • 169 have completed their program of study
  • 164 have continued to study in their program after the initial class was completed
  • 11 participants acquired employment after completion
  • 78 participants have seen an increase in their wages after completion

Career Pathways

"M-CAM gave me hope at a very low point in my life. I was without a job and unable to support my family. Things were so desperate for me; I made monthly visits to the local food bank here in Lansing. It was at one of these mobile food pantry drives that I heard an announcement made about a new grant program offering training in welding at Lansing Community College." Tim Ware
"When I talked to my Success Coach about my nervousness about a welding test required by a job employer, she reached out to the employer, asked for the test objectives, and the grant team put together a refresher course for several of us to practice. I am unemployed and need a job. That welding refresher course helped me more than I ever imagined. The test was with things that aren’t typical in welding classes such as using stainless steel, different gas, and even a different transfer. I have never done a weld test before and was pretty sure that I was going into the test with really low chances on passing. During the class, Scott (the instructor) really helped us understand the differences in working with steel, provided us great feedback on our welds, and provided us the opportunity to practice each weld several times. Now I can say that after the class I feel that I have a VERY good chance on passing and for that I thank you. I found out that this class was expensive, but was covered by the grant. The fact that the M-CAM team would get together, see our need, meet it, and spends money like this to support me motivates me to succeed." Kyle Meister
"The refresher course was beneficial because it's been quite some time since I got to weld so going into a big interview with a welding test attached to it was a bit daunting, so the refresher helped me be more comfortable with my skills as an entry level welder by reminding me of all the little things that I might have forgotten and that helps for a better welding process." Waleeda Guy