Lake Michigan College

About the College

Since the day Lake Michigan College first opened its doors on September 9, 1946, the story has been one of dedication, determination and overwhelming success. M-TEC at Lake Michigan College opened in 2000 focused on the training needs of area industry and in the fall of 2016 LMC will open the doors to a new manufacturing training center, the Hanson Technology Center. This 40,000 sq ft building is featured in a prime location on the college’s main campus. Manufacturing is our region’s economic cornerstone and supporting this industry is a vital role for Lake Michigan College.Students interested in a high-tech career where they can be an important part of the manufacturing process, look to the Manufacturing Technology program at Lake Michigan College to provide them with the skills and experience they’ll need.

Advanced Manufacturing

Many modern manufacturing methods have evolved from changes in the world economy and knowledge base. With rapid technological advances, increased workplace standards, and an extremely competitive environment, local industry is looking for employees that are continually focused on process and product improvement. As manufacturing is transformed by the increasing complexity of the processes and technology used to make new products, better-trained technicians possessing a variety of high-level skills are a must.

Student Success

Our students are motivated for success. They are seeking out training programs that will move their careers forward and are drawn to LMC through their own research because the college offers quality programs. They appreciate that (1) the instructors are flexible in supporting their learning, (2) have industry experience, and (3) that they learn by using the equipment (i.e. they learn by “doing”) combined with online modules from Tooling U.

Community Impact

Lake Michigan College’s programs are designed to infuse creativity in students and the community. Thinking innovatively and creatively is a problem solving skill that can be taught. Innovation education, delivered through the Fab Lab, will allow groups to follow projects from idea through prototype, focusing on teamwork, critical thinking, project management, and problem solving. The programs will be available to students, businesses, and the community. The college will develop a curriculum that will be applicable across a wide range of disciplines. Upon project completion, prototypes can be displayed in a common space for community viewing.

"In my welding classes…they give you one big project that you have to do in the whole semester, and they’ll give you little projects in between that you can do, but you don’t actually have to do those projects if you’re falling behind on your big project. which I thought was very cool. Because not everybody can weld at the same pace and get everything done in the same quality." Welding Student

"I cannot tell you how much [Tooling U] has helped for the hands-on part of it. Why? Because the students can go do that at home, they can look at the lectures as many times as they want at home. What that allows me is more opportunity to be out on the floor and help them with the actual physical part of it, the hands-on." CNC Machining Instructor

“Lake Michigan College will be the community resource for manufacturing education and skills training with this Center." Matt Tyler, President/CEO, Vickers Engineering, Inc.

Career Pathways