Serving nearly 90,000 learners every semester, the eight colleges of M-CAM provide state-of-the-art, nationally recognized education and training programs for Michigan students from all backgrounds. These comprehensive community colleges enable dislocated workers to achieve their dreams for long-term, family-sustaining careers. As the demand for skills and credentials continues to sky-rocket from employers across the state, these colleges help better position job seekers in an ever-increasing competitive job market.

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The M-CAM colleges work collaboratively, by choice. As a state with no central higher education system, Michigan's community colleges operate in an autonomous environment, with locally elected boards of trustees. The commitment, therefore, that each college makes to coalitions like M-CAM represents the degree to which each of these schools is committed to student excellence and employer success. By working together, the M-CAM colleges can generate the change and momentum needed to better prepare today's (and tomorrow's) workers for advanced manufacturing careers.