What is M-CAM?

The Michigan Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing (M-CAM) provides training opportunities in four key areas of advanced manufacturing:

Job seekers will be able to earn various certificates, degrees, and credentials within these four areas.

Making the Case

M-CAM brings together the state of Michigan, community college leaders, employers, workforce development agencies, and other community partners to create education and training programs that lead to employment. With the award of a $24.9 million U.S. Department of Labor grant, M-CAM is creating a 21st century workforce through the development of seamless and responsive career pathways, credentials that have labor-market value, and strategies that connect the needs of employers with training providers throughout Michigan.

Why M-CAM Matters

M-CAM matters for two simple reasons. For job seekers, these training programs help individuals develop their own career pathway toward good jobs with good pay. M-CAM is built around nationally-recognized credentials; these credentials will help dislocated workers get better paying jobs now and in the future within advanced manufacturing.

What’s Unique About M-CAM

Too often, colleges and employers work in isolation. M-CAM breaks down that isolation and creates the environment by which colleges and employers can work collaboratively for mutual success. Colleges want to train displaced workers and prepare them for great jobs. Employers want to hire great people and see them succeed. Aligning these aspirations is the job of M-CAM’s colleges and partners throughout the state. The integration of employers, colleges, community partners, and national credentials creates M-CAM’s unique approach.

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